Research and Innovation plan for EuroHPC for 2019 published: 156 million euro available

19 Feb 2019 Luxembourg - The EuroHPC JU has published the Research and Innovation plan for 2019. The three action lines are: 1. Extreme Scale Technologies and Applications; 2. Widening HPC skills and use; and 3. European Processor Initiative. These are very similar to the calls canceled in Horizon 2020 from which the budget was taken over. The budget available is 156 million euro from the European Union budget for 2019. The EuroHPC participating countries are expecting to double that amount. For next year - 2020 - 25 million euro is allocated for Research and Innovation, but details are not yet known for that part. The first calls for Research and Innovation actions will open in Q1, so in March at the latest.

Extreme Scale Technologies and Applications

The "Extreme Scale Technologies and Applications" action line will support a sustainable exascale HPC ecosystem in Europe. This requires action on the technology supply to develop extreme scale, power-efficient and highly resilient HPC and data technologies. It requires also actions to adapt and scale up applications with tangible benefits for addressing scientific, industrial or societal challenges for upcoming exascale and extreme performance computing capabilities. The action line calls for two specific actions are the following:

  • Extreme scale computing technologies (hardware, software, methods and algorithms for key applications)
  • HPC applications to ensure European leadership

Budget available: 90 million euro

Call Open: Q1 (or Q3)

Widening HPC skills and use

The goal of the action "Widening HPC skills and use" is to increase the use of HPC and attracting new talents. According to the EuroHPC JU, this requires the creation and coordination of national HPC Competence Centres across the Union. They will engage in training and outreach activities for academic, industrial and public sector users. Especially SMEs need better access to HPC tools and services to increase their innovation capability.

Specific activities planned are:

  • Increase the knowledge and human capital and upraise HPC capabilities, including through the creation of national HPC Competence Centres and their networking and coordination across the Union
  • Federating European supercomputing resources
  • Support to SMEs

Budget available: 26.076.223 million euro

Call Open : Q1

European Processor Initiative

The European Processor Initiative (EPI) develops and implements the roadmap for European HPC chips and accelerators facilitating the development of exascale machines. A Framework Partnership Agreement between the European Commission and the EPI consortium has already been established. This agreement supports with a stable financial and contractual framework the long-term development of such technologies. The EPI Phase 1 is funded by the Horizon 2020 work programme 2018-2019 with 80 million euro.

The further development of EPI will be financed by the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking and proceed along the following lines:

  • EPI Phase 2: developing the first European HPC Systems-on-Chip and accelerators. Specific focus is on exascale HPC.
  • EPI Phase towards exascale: Co-design and integration of EPI in extreme performance platforms towards European exascale supercomputers.

Please note that most likely the EPI call will only be open to the consortium that signed the partnership agreement.

Budget available: 40 million euro

Call Open: Q3

Calls and co-financing

The first calls that open shortly will contain more details on participation. One new (compared to Horizon 2020) item will be the co-financing. Each EuroHPC country will in that call indicate the budget that is available for co-financing. The budget mentioned above covers only 50% of the total project costs.

Each country will indicate whether it will contribute to projects funded under that call, and how much budget it has available. Be aware that to get the co-financing each country can - and most likely will - have a specific procedure in place.

See also Details of the EuroHPC JU budget for 2019-2020 published .

2019-02-22 update: Although the programme is publicly available, it is still provisional. The exact details and schedule will be decided in the coming months. There are indications the March call may be delayed to June.

2019-02-27 update: There are indications that even June may be difficult.

More details can be found at the EuroHPC JU website. For in-depth coverage please visit our independent portal:

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