Italy still strong in the EuroHPC pre-exascale race

The Marconi supercomputer at Cineca. Currently the fastest academic supercomputer in Italy.
20 Feb 2019 Bologna - According to the Italian newspaper "Corriere Della Sera", Italy is still in the race for a EuroHPC pre-exascale system. The Italian consortium consists of the Ministero dell'Istruzione, dell'Universita e della Ricerca (MIUR), the Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare (Infn), the Scuola Superiore di Studi Avanzati (Sissa) and Cineca. Cineca acts as the hosting entity and will house the supercomputer if the Italia bid is successful.

The two other known candidates are a consortium led by Finland with many countries in Northern and more central Europe, and an Iberian consortium with Spain and Portugal. These two consortia are actively promoting their candidacy: Beauty contest for EuroHPC pre-exascale hosting entities continues .

According to the "Corriere Della Sera", the Italian consortium aims at a 150 Petaflop/s supercomputer that would bring Italy back in the top 10 of the world's most powerful supercomputers. A little bit less ambitious than the top 5 that EuroHPC aims for. Cineca's Sanzio Bassini told the newspaper that the total investment will be 240 million euro, split between EuroHPC and Italy, for a 5 year operational period.

Ad Emmen