Another small step for EuroHPC: national delegates Council of the European Union think there is indeed a need for EuroHPC JU

28 Feb 2018 Brussels - As one of the many small chains in the legal process that should lead to the establishment of the EuroHPC JU, the national delegates of the Council of the European Union examined the EuroHPC JU proposal. They concluded there indeed is a gap in current European Union measures that could be filled by EuroHPC. So, it is on to the next step in the decision process.

The formal conclusion of the delegates remarks after examening the impact assesment provided by the European Commission on January 11 notes: "The analysis of delegations' remarks indicates that the European Commission has identified a gap in the existing European Union measures, e.g. an insufficient ability of the current systems to adapt to a changing environment, and that the consequences of the proposed measures were sufficiently analysed. Some delegations considered that a rather one-sided line of reasoning led to a conclusion where a Joint Undertaking (JU) came out as the best policy option."

In conclusion, delegations recognised that the Commission's impact assessment has no major omissions or factual mistakes. Accordingly, the Research Working Party of the Council decided to proceed with the examination of the proposal.

Ad Emmen