Austria is preparing to join EuroHPC

Vienna Scientific Cluster.
10 Feb 2018 Vienna - According to the Austrian newspaper "Die Presse" the Austrian government is examining participation in EuroHPC. "This is an important issue and ceratinly worh supporting. We are examining in howfar Austria could join and what the financial contribution would be.", told Annette Weber, spokeswoman of Heinz Faßmann, science Minister, to "die Presse". End of februar there will be another meeting with the participationg ministeries, economic organisations and the European Commission.

"Die Presse" also cites positive reactions from members of Parliament: "Supercomputers show European added value and demonstrate collaboration on a European scale pays off", told Paul Rübig of the ÖVP. Barbara Kappel of the FPÖ said the country should join "as soon as possible". "Austria can benefit in two ways: On the one hand through the incorporation in the European supercomputer infrastructure and on the other hand through additional finances from Quantum research."

Ad Emmen