Why Sweden is not part of EuroHPC

5 Feb 2018 Stockholm - Sweden is very strong in HPC including in applications for exascale. The PDC Center for High Performance Computing is a partner in several European HPC projects for instance. So why was not Sweden amongst the first to sign the EuroHPC declaration, many wondered. And why have they still not done so? Karin Lindström from Computer Sweden asked the Minister of Digital Development, Peter Eriksson. He told her that when EuroHPC was proposed it was strongly focused towards the HPC industry in Germany and France. Also there are other important areas like AI and Quantum computing.

Since then EuroHPC has moved into a more positive direction with more emphasis on exascale software. So, Eriksson told, Swedisch participation in EuroHPC is still under discussion at his department. But it would be a big investment that requires careful consideration.

Ad Emmen