SURFsara gets 18 million euro for new national supercomputer to replace Cartesisus

SURFSara computer centre.
10 Jan 2020 Amsterdam - The Dutch National Research Organisation, NWO, will provide SURF with 18 million euro to invest in a news national supercomputer to replace Cartesius 2, the current national supercomputer. Cartesius 2 was not anymore on the latest TOP500 after being on the list since 2015. In addition, the yearly budget for SURF for operating the national e-infrastructure will be increased with 11 million euro to 25,9 million euro. This is not just for operating the supercomputer by SURFsara but for a big part for the national research network (SURFnet) and data infrastructures.

The SURF Board accepted last month the propososal that NWO made in October about the financing of digital infrastructures in "Integrale aanpak voor digitalisering in de wetenschap". It is expected that users will pay an additional 2 million euro for the supercomputer investment.

The separate companies SURFsara - formerly SARA, and SURFnet are now part of one cooperation that supports the digitial research infrastructure in the Netherlands, called SURF.
Ad Emmen