INTERTWinE project at University of Tsukuba and EPCC collaboration workshop in Japan

25 Jan 2018 Tsukuba - Nick Brown of INTERTWinE reports on the project blog about a collaboration workshop in Japan between the Centre for Computational Sciences (CCS) at the University of Tsukuba and EPCC.

Nick Brown explains that the INTERTWInE resource manager enables different runtimes to work together and share resources in a fair way. For instance, a code might wish to take advantage of multiple programming technologies (either explicitly combining these technologies in the user's code, or by implicitly calling via a library which then makes certain assumptions). The INTERTWInE directory/cache is designed to support transparent (to the programmer) execution of tasks over distributed memory machines.

The next collaboration workshop between the two organisations will take place in December 2018.

Ad Emmen