Seat of EuroHPC JU will be in Luxembourg

11 Jan 2018 Luxembourg - The Ministry of Economy in Luxembourg has announced that the seat of the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking announced earlier today in Brussels will be in Luxembourg. The ministry expects its establishment in the second half of 2018. Luxembourg was one of the initial countries signing the EuroHPC declaration. It also was involved in the IPCEI HPC endeavour. Part of the European Commission that is involved in HPC and supercomputing has been moved from Brussels to Luxembourg over the past years.

The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy, Étienne Schneider, who has always been very active in placing Luxembourg on the European HPC map, said: "The proposal to host in Luxembourg the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking that will deploy the European infrastructure of world-class supercomputers confirms the reputation of our country as 'smart nation', ready for a digital society. Through HPC, we enable all economic players in the Grand Duchy, especially innovative companies, to access a large amount of computing power to innovate and grow. HPC also is an indispensable tool in the framework of the Rifkin strategy."

Ad Emmen