Supercomputers will revolutionise machine learning, says European Commisioner Carlos Moedas

Commissioner Moedas at EuroHPC Press Conference - Photo: EC.
11 Jan 2018 Brussels - "This is one of the really important moments that can change the future", said Carlos Moedas at the EuroHPC press conference in Brussels announcing European supercomputer plans. "It is also probably one of the greatest examples that we have of European added value. What we are doing here with supercomputers is doing what others could not do alone."

"It is also one of the most crucial moments for Horizion 2020, for European research. Europe was one of the leaders at the beginning of the Internet, with Tim Berners-Lee, with Siemens, with Nokia. But then we lost it in the second phase. With the Ubers and the Googles. But now we are coming to the third phase. And that is about coming back to the roots of science. It will be about machine learning, deep tags, blockchain."

"If you look for instance at the Nobel Prize for gravitational waves, it was not about the deep idea that Einstein had, because he had it one hundred years ago. It was about the ability with data, with machine learning, to put everything together. Deep science is about connecting those dots, what we are not able to do today. Supercomputers will revolutionise machine learning, and machine learning will revolutionise science."

"For us that believe in science (... ) the supercomputers and the supercomputer joint undertaking that we do today will really boost what we do and will basically multiply for the tax payer, the effects, the results of Horizon 2020."

Ad Emmen