What are China, the USA and Europe doing in Quantum computing?

8 Jan 2018 Mountain View - In all continents major public funding is put into Quantum computing. At the "Quantum Computing for Business" conference in Mountain View in December, three presentations were given about Quantum Qomputing in China, in the USA, and in Europe. The videos and the slides of these presentations are now available.

Carl Williams, Deputy Director Physical Measurement Laboratory (PML) at NIST, talked about "A Federal Perspective on Quantum Information Science and Quantum Computing". The US Departments of Energy and Defense, the National Science Foundation, and NIST are now all active in Quantum technology, with also governmental interest.

Download Carl Williams' slides .


Juergen Mlynek, chairman of the High-level Steering Committe on Qunatum technology for the European Commission, presented the European Flagship Iniative on Quantum Technology. The ultimate goal of the flagship project is to have in 10 years' time quantum algorithms on quantum computers outperform classical supercomputers. In the coming 2 years, 148 million euro will be invested as a start.

Download Juergen Mlynek's slides .

Chinese Quantum Computing funding was explained by Xiaobo Zhu of the CAS Center for Excellence in Quantum Information and Quantum Physics at the University of Science and Technology of China. China is working on a variety of quantum technologies, including quantum communication with sattelites and quantum computing. In the current 5-year programme, some 250 million euro are invested by the national governement. Local government funding is around 500 million euro.

Download Xiaobo Zhu's slides .

You can also watch the other presentations of the "Quantum Computing for Business" conference.

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