Primeur magazine

Edition: flash - Issue: 2019-11-28

Focus on Europe

EuroHPC JU is launching today a call for tender for the procurement of three pre-e exascale supercomputers in Finland, Spain and Italy. The total value of the tender is 415.910.000 euro. There are three different lots. The Finnish one - LUMI - has a value of 144.500.000 euro, the Spanish lot - Mare Nostrum V - is sized at 151.410.000 and Italian one - Leonardo has a value of 120.000.000 euro. Each machine must have a performance of at least 150 petaflop/s measured in sustained LINPACK. Closing date for the tender is January 3. The machines will be owned by the EuroHPC JU. The 5 petascale EuroHPC supercomputers will not be procured by EuroHPC JU but by the individual hosting entities. Read further...