Primeur magazine

Edition: flash - Issue: 2019-02-15

Focus on Europe

EuroHPC JU has opened a call for petascale supercomputer hosting entities. It is the second call after the pre-exascale hosting entities call. The closing date for the call is 15 April 2019. The budget available is 30 million euro for at least two petascale supercomputers. The EuroHPC JU contribution is a maximum of 35%. The hosting entity must be in a EuroHPC country within the European Union. There may be one country or a consortium of EuroHPC countries backing up the hosting entity. Until now we know that Luxembourg, the Czech Republic, and Portugal (backed by Spain) have shown interest in hosting a petascale machines. The systems are not intended to be the fastest in Europe, but to fill up gaps in the European supercomputer ecosystem, by allowing some countries to acquire petascale HPC systems earlier than with just their own funding. Read further...