Primeur magazine

Edition: flash - Issue: 2019-02-12

Focus on Europe

Two of the consortia that intend to compete to host a EuroHPC pre-exascale supercomputer have reveiled more details about their commitment. The science ministers of Spain and Portugal confirmed at their meeting in Barcelona their committment to form a consortium to bid for pre-exascale hosting entity. The Finnish consortium than combines potentially 8 countries went a step further. In a paper "How to build a truly European next generation HPC infrastructure? Collaboration Smart Specialisation Sustainable Future" they also cite several ministers' commitment. But they also explain why their consortium is the best. For instance all countries in their consortium have financial AA or higher ratings, while the competition such as Spain, Portugal, and Italy have A or even BBB ratings. We did not hear anything recently from the third candidate, Italy with CINECA as potential hosting entity. Of course, there can be other candidates too, it is not required to seek publicity: you just have to put in an eligeable proposal by April 4th. Read further...