Primeur magazine

Edition: flash - Issue: 2018-06-09


The U.S. Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory unveiled the Summit supercomputer as the world's most powerful HPC system. With a peak performance of 200 Petaflop/s, Summit will be eight times more powerful than ORNL's previous top-ranked system, Titan. For certain scientific applications, Summit will also be capable of more than three billion billion mixed precision calculations per second, or 3,3 exaops. Summit will provide unprecedented computing power for research in energy, advanced materials and artificial intelligence (AI), among other domains, enabling scientific discoveries that were previously impractical or impossible. The Summit's peak performance of 200 Petaflop/s is considerably higher than the 125 Petaflop/s of the current fastest supercomputer in the TOP500 list: the Sunway TaihuLight with 125 Petaflop/s. Whether the Summit will take the crown in the TOP500 remains to be seen as no LINPACK performance numbers have been revealed yet. We could expect roughly some 120 Petaflop/s of LINPACK performance, so it is very likely. Read further...