Primeur magazine

Edition: flash - Issue: 2018-02-06

Focus on Europe

As Flemish Minister Philippe Muyters stated in his Parliament - see our coverage yesterday - EuroHPC will invest around 1,3 billion in exascale supercomputer performance, not 1 billion as was communicated before. Around 1 billion is just the investments by the European Union (486 million) and the participating countries (matching 486 million). Another 422 million are investments expected from industry. A briefing "European High-Performance Joint Undertaking" for the European Parliament confirms these numbers. The briefing, published yesterday, is part of the European Legislation process to establish a EuroHPC Joint Undertaking as legal entity. The briefing outlines the background of EuroHPC and the steps towards legislation which is to be concluded by the adoption of the European Council. Read further...