Primeur magazine

Edition: flash - Issue: 2015-08-06


Joseph Sullivan interviews UMass Dartmouth Associate Professor Dr. Gaurav Khann on the University website. "The same professor who received national attention for discovering that PlayStation 3 (PS3) technology could be configured into low-cost supercomputers has now demonstrated that the processor found in hundreds of millions of cell phones has enormous scientific computing potential. The impact of this discovery could have far-reaching impacts for scientists around the world, who have a wealth of curiosity and ingenuity but sometimes lack access to expensive standard supercomputing technology. " writes Joseph. A lesson learned on the European side of the Atlantic already some time ago. But the more efforts are put in, the quicker we learn. "Dr. Khanna and his fellow CSCVR researchers are now exploring the potential of Qualcomm Snapdragon technology to perform very high-efficiency scientific supercomputing. The team is using Inforce Computing's SBC to evaluate Snapdragon's ability to run full-scale astrophysics and computational mathematics research codes." " Read further...