2017-06-19 Frankfurt After Erich Strohmaier presented his analysis on the new edition of the TOP500, Satoshi Matsuoka from the Tokyo Institute of Technology shared his insights about exascale with the audience. About ten years ago, workshops were initiated on exascale and it was said that exascale would be reachable by 2020. If we consider the projected performance development, is it possible to have exaflop power by 2020? The energy efficiency might be 50 GFlops/W in late 2020 but even that still remains to be seen. Read further...

2017-06-21 Frankfurt

7th HPCG Performance list released - HPCG results are integrated into the TOP500 list

The High Performance Conjugate Gradients (HPCG) Benchmark list has been announced at ISC'17. This is the seventh list produced for the emerging benchmark designed to complement the traditional High Performance LINPACK (HPL) benchmark used as the official metric for ranking the TOP 500 systems. The first HPCG list was announced at ISC'14 three years ago, containing only 15 entries. Release twice a year, the number of entries has steadily increased. The current list contains 110 entries as HPCG continues to gain traction in the HPC community. Read further...

2017-06-20 Tokyo

K computer takes first place for the second consecutive time on HPCG benchmark

On June 19, the K computer took the first place for the second consecutive time in the HPCG benchmark, a new index developed to create a more realistic view of supercomputer performance compared to the commonly used LINPACK benchmark. This success, which surpasses the second place achieved in 2014 and 2015, was made possible by subsequent improvements of the performance of the system and applications. Read further...

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2017-03-23 RDA and e-IRG yield promising collaboration

After the e-IRG Workshop in Bratislava, Slovak Republic,Primeur Magazinetook the opportunity to talk with Mark Parsons, Secretary General of the Research Data Alliance (RDA).

2017-03-21 CEO Steve Cotter on GEANT, service deployment and KPIs

At the occasion of the Digital Infrastructures for Research (DI4R) Conference, held in Krakow, Poland in the Fall of 2016, Primeur Magazine was able to speak with Steve Cotter, the new CEO of GEANT, the the pan-European network for scientific excellence, research, education and innovation. GEANT connects about 10.000 institutions across 41 different countries.

2017-02-13 Funding agencies and academia need to better reward scientific computational tool developers

During the 4th National eScience Symposium, held in Amsterdam ArenA last October,Primeur Magazinewas able to talk with Fernando Pérez from the University of California.

2017-02-10 Square Kilometre Array data crunching will require compute power beyond Moore's Law

At the National eScience Symposium, held in Amsterdam ArenA last October, Primeur Magazine was able to talk with Chris Broekema, a researcher in high performance computing at ASTRON, the Netherlands Foundation for Radio-astronomy, located in Dwingeloo. This is also the location for the very first dedicated radiotelescope in the Netherlands, the Dwingeloo telescope.

2016-09-05 ClusterVision specializes in cluster design and cluster management using Trinity

On the Exhibition floor at ISC 2016 in Frankfurt, Germany, Primeur Magazine talked with Samira Mellenbergh, EMEA Account Manager at ClusterVision. As a system integrator ClusterVision helps design the architecture of HPC clusters into implementation and deployment.

2016-08-21 Sunway TaihuLight's strengths and weaknesses highlighted by Jack Dongarra

At the ISC 2016 Conference in Frankfurt, Germany, Primeur Magazine had the opportunity to talk with Jack Dongarra, Professor at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, who is one of the authors of the TOP500 list.

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e-IRG Knowledge Base

The e-IRG Knowledge Base contains all relevant information on available e-Infrastructures, supercomputing, storage and networking resources and grids for science and research, as well as policies, funding organisations and projects in Europe. The Knowledge Base is a resource made available to the e-IRG and to the general public, for referencing and policy decision purposes. The information is presented in a readily accessible form. Read further...